©-Charles-Breijer / Nederlands Fotomuseum
Aardappelrooister, Groningen (1940)
potato starch storage
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Collecting local fibers
contractors on a break
modifying starch
the Dynaplak crew back in the days
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New_Items >> HuisVeendam X GreenPanel TABLETOPS

Everyone loves our new lightweight table construction….take action and take the outdoor indoor now ! Available today…….or if you would like to have it from ‘new’ grass, the cutting season 2016 starts in June ! Other BioLaminate ‘RAW’materials are also available of course !

breeam CMYK


CONTRIBUTION TO BREEAM – HQE – LEED – DGNB PROJECTS How do our products contribute to your BREEAM – HQE – LEED – DGNB projects ? Green building rating systems such as BREEAM (United Kingdom), LEED (United States and Canada), DGNB (Germany) and HQE (France) help consumers determine a structure’s level of environmental performance. They award […]



GreenPanel is a highly resistant ultralight board. It consists of faces and core of thin Poplar Plywood or MDF arranged in a grid format. This enhances its resistance and stability and makes it particularly suitable for those applications where high resistance to weight and good stability are required. GreenPanel is a structural board with a extremely […]

Broeinest Cafe

HuisVeendam @ Broeinest during the Dutch Design Week

Drop by at Broeinest during the Dutch Design Week to take a look at the tables with matching benches made of HuisVeendam bio-laminate. They are designed in collaboration with Spectrum for Broeinest. Our colleagues of Baars & Bloemhoff are welcoming you to tell you more about it!



Order our HuisVeendam products via our contact page   The HuisVeendam Bio Laminates Collection Bio Laminates are made from materials that are considered waste or have no apparent function. The starch adhesive is modified to accommodate the various particulars of the fibers we work with. Some examples of waste materials upgrades. HuisVeendam_Brochure_Baars_Bloemhoff (PDF) HuisVeendam_Brochure_Office_#2015/2016 (PDF) For more […]

sample groot


Order our HuisVeendam bio laminate samples via our shop or contact us by mail



Riet heeft altijd een belangrijke plaats gehad in onze bouwhistorie en wordt nog steeds veel toegepast op daken. Nadat de winterzon het gewas heeft gebleekt wordt het riet op de drijvende velden rondom Giethoorn elke winter nog gesneden, gebundeld en per bootje naar de wallenkant gebracht. Meters hoog ligt het in de boerenschuur totdat de […]



Tulpenbolpel De trots van Nederland is toch zeker de tulp. In een gebied dat reikt van Amsterdam tot Den Helder staan de velden elk jaar weer vol met bloemen, in elke kleur denkbaar. Het gaat de boeren om de bol die goud waard is. In juni wordt deze uit de grond gehaald, gewassen, gekeurd en […]


Reitdiep Gras

Early spring and the first plants start to pop up. This year nature takes her sweet time. It sparked a memory from last year where Erik and I collected our first crops three weeks from now. His sons ‘helping’ out from their motorized chariot. Let the growth begin!!! Het gras dat wij gebruiken voor ons […]



Asparagus 23 april 2015 Asparagus season is finally here, but for us autumn is even better. The Asparagus foliage turns bright yellow in that time of year, so the perfect moment to harvest and transform into this dynamic Bio Laminate.


New crop – Winter stock

In the North of Holland the harvesting of this years potato crop is in full swing. Each hectare has a yield of about 60.000 kg. Processing these potatoes to become tonights diner brings enormous amounts of peel, a beautiful material we upgrade to a HuisVeendam Bio-Laminate. And yes, different potatoes bring different colours of peel […]

HuisVeendam X Baars & Bloemhoff

HuisVeendam slaat handen ineen met Baars & Bloemhoff. De basis collectie bio-laminaat HuisVeendam is vanaf nu verkrijgbaar via Baars & Bloemhoff. Over Baars & Bloemhoff Baars & Bloemhoff is met een assortiment van ruim 2000 verschillende decoratieve materialen en decoren een aansprekende partner voor veel (interieur)architecten en interieurbouwers. Baars & Bloemhoff is een landelijk opererende organisatie […]

design district


HuisVeendam & Baars & Bloemhoff @ Design District 2015 HuisVeendam slaat handen ineen met Baars & Bloemhoff. Het bio-laminaat van HuisVeendam is vanaf nu verkrijgbaar via Baars & Bloemhoff. Om dit te vieren presenteren Baars & Bloemhoff en HuisVeendam de nieuwe collectie bio-laminaat op Design District 2015.   Design District is hét vakevenement voor interieurdesign in Nederland en wordt […]


OBJECT Rotterdam 2015

OBJECT Rotterdam — Thursday we show a few tables with HuisVeendam Bio-Laminates at Object Rotterdam. We’re very excited. This table top is a mix of tulip bulb peel and potato peel. Amazing color. From experiment in the studio two years back to a full size starch based laminate for furniture in the now! OBJECT Rotterdam […]

Dutch Design Week

HuisVeendam Biobased Wunderkammer @ DDW2013

HuisVeendam presents ‘Biobased Wunderkammer’ An overview of what design is doing with Biobased technology Kunst, wetenschap en de biomaterialen van bedrijven komen samen in de futuristische Biobased Wunderkammer. Door de haast magische combinatie van kunst, hightech laboratoriumapparatuur en plantaardige materialen weet deze interactieve tentoonstelling bezoekers te betoveren. In de Biobased Wunderkammer kun je jezelf verwonderen over de […]

Dutch Design Week

Monnikenwerk by HuisVeendam @ DDW2013

During the Dutch Design Week 2013 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 19-27 October 2013 HuisVeendam cordially invites you to: ‘Monnikenwerk’ 5 designers show their tedious labour extracting quality out of waste or under-appreciated materials. Huis Veendam shows an overview of 150 bio-laminates made from different waste streams. Location 4Apostelen Bergmannstraat 76 5615 KG Eindhoven Toegankelijk voor […]